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Express Your Goddess & Divine Feminine Energy

I am grateful for every Goddess I’ve been privileged to photograph for over 30 years. Every woman has many aspects of the Divine Feminine that makes herself present when inspired in the moment. I feel I am able to create a safe container where each Goddess is appreciated and seen.

“It’s really great to be able to know someone who can capture the aspects of feminine beauty the way you do. You’d be a success no matter what city you lived in because your philosophy, aesthetic, and ideals put you in a very elite class of artistic photographer who stands out anywhere he goes”.

~ La Chat Designs, Memphis, Tenn.

“Jim Zink’s friendly yet professional outlook on photography has not only produced my best images and compositions but has also made the experience enjoyable and rewarding. Jim’s primary focus has been to satisfy my needs and desires while discretely prompting, inspiring, and stimulating the best poses and looks out of me; resulting in incredible team photography. He goes further than the man behind the camera and helps individuals like myself to develop and grow to make the subject feel confident and safe in any type of shoot.

As well as his fantastic persona Jim’s photographic skills exceed those of the many photographers I have ever worked with internationally. His understanding and respect for each individual element of a photograph have, and will continue to create an incomparable quality of photographs. From the subject itself to the lighting, Jim considers each component and how it can alter numerous results in the final image.

Jim himself and all his brilliant capabilities have made working with him the most amazing and gratifying photographic and personal experience in this industry. I look forward to continuing to shoot with Jim Zink and am eager to see the new images to come. Thank you, Jim, truly a remarkable photographer.”

~ Justina Lara Limón

“I think it’s obvious that James Zink is an incredibly talented photographer. You don’t have to take my word for it – just take a look at his portfolio. Incredible, stunning, one-of-a-kind images on every single shoot. Moments captured in crystal clarity, never looking rehearsed or forced. He consistently gets THOSE SHOTS that everyone wishes they could have gotten. I already knew how good he was before I worked with him (I mean, I do have eyes). But what Jim does goes even further than his above-and-beyond levels of talent and skill as an artist.
I am not a model, and not even particularly photogenic. When Jim brought me in on a professional fashion shoot, I thought I might throw up from nerves. I was so worried I’d be a huge disappointment and pretty much waste everyone’s time. However, Jim made me feel like the most important person in the room – even though the room was populated by pro models, stylists, and other seasoned and beautiful people.
He has a rare ability to make even the most awkward among us feel comfortable and open. And, somehow, he is able to bring out and capture fierceness and beauty that we may not have even recognized in ourselves.”

 ~ Raina B