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Express Your Goddess & Divine Feminine Energy

I am grateful for every Goddess I’ve been privileged to photograph for over 30 years. Every woman has many aspects of the Divine Feminine that makes herself present when inspired in the moment. I feel I am able to create a safe container where each Goddess is appreciated and seen.

I am not a sculptor. My hands do not mold earth to model the sacred divine you are.

I can not paint. I have no paints to describe the colors of joy and beauty you reflect to others.

I have no instrument to compose a vibration that moves your emotions. Light is my medium. I am a photographer.

I am a photographer, a worker of light. I spend my time looking at the cosmos, at creation, at the interplay of dark and light. Light that is pulsing and penetrating. Light that is flowing and bending. Light that caresses you like a mother’s song and a lover’s fingers. Light that covers you and reveals you. Light that finds you and shadows you like a mystery.

My only hope as an artist is to capture in one one hundredth of a second that reveals to the world the divine perfect form you are, the colors of your body, and the vibration that hums from your soul.
Thank you for your friendship, Jim. I appreciate your unique artistic vision.” ~ With kindest thoughts,