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James Zink Photography is a personal portraiture company specializing in seeing the beauty in everyone.

Photography can be so much fun! If you’re interested in doing a shoot, you must keep in mind that everyone is beautiful in their own way. Allow me the opportunity to help capture your unique beauty through photographs. My objective is for you to have a wonderful and fun experience. You will be treated with the respect, courtesy and appreciation you deserve. My hope is to offer you a relaxed and professional environment that will help encourage and bring out the beauty within and let you know that “You are seen”. My goal is not only for you to have fun and feel excited about your pictures but for you to also achieve a true appreciation of yourself through photography.

I specialize in individual fine art portraiture, as well as commercial and fashion photography. I blend an artful eye for composition and lighting with technical skills gained from 30 years of experience. My educational background is in Cultural Anthropology, Photojournalism and Digital Imaging. I have long been an observer of humanity from behind a lens.

Photography has been a lifelong passion for me. I have always recognized the powerful emotional connections between people and photographs – photographs of themselves, of loved ones, of lives past and present. We all hold images as sacred representations of our memories. I have learned that the photographer has great responsibilities to those he or she photographs. I specialize in giving individualized care and treatment to a subject. I spend the extra time you need to be comfortable in front of a camera. Each shoot is especially customized for you. I believe I bring unique abilities to all genres of photography.

“A ‘shooter’ aims and clicks, a ‘photographer’ sees the light and focuses, an ‘artist’ sees the light within the subject.” Jim Zink

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